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Projects direct from a developer in Bulgaria are characterised by their first class construction using only high quality building and finishing materials. Therefore, it is best to acquire property in Bulgaria directly from a developer whose buildings have guaranteed quality as a result of partner co-operations with leading manufacturers of building materials. In such companies, as a rule, a team comprising property sale specialists and property managers can offer the clients precise and full information, ensure flexible payment conditions and make the process of purchasing property in Bulgaria from the developer transparent, relaxed and non-effort-intensive.

When considering purchasing a suitable property in Bulgaria directly from the developer, it is important to approach a reliable company. A reliable company would certainly ensure a thorough quality control of each property from the stage of laying its foundations to its launch onto the tourist and commercial market. Such a professional attitude will guarantee a currently reliable company to take strong market positions in its segment and offer the highest class developer's direct property in Bulgaria, providing a package of maximum guarantee. Additionally, when buying in Bulgaria direct from a developer, every buyer is provided with the option to take advantage of the experienced after-sales assistance of a property management company.

Growth of sales direct from a developer in Bulgaria is the result from the higher number of investments in different types of properties, and the reason why becomes clear when we take a look at the provisions of the Foreign Investment Promotion Act. The act stipulates full command of the investments by the very investors, which allows for the acquisition of property in Bulgaria directly from the developer under favourable financial schemes.

When purchasing property in Bulgaria direct from a developer, the investor is provided with the opportunity to choose a property in the most developed and promising, from the viewpoint of the capitalization of the financial funds, regions of Bulgaria. Moreover, buying a property in Bulgaria direct from the developer, the investors benefit from continuous, ongoing legal support throughout investment process. Compliance with the legal framework presupposes knowledge of the preparation and the procedures of submission of the certification application documents, experience in the work with the authorities responsible for the construction supervision and the registration of the instruments of title. Therefore, it is the direct purchase from the developer that certainly tend to be the most legally protected and safe transactions with property in Bulgaria.